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Gong Show Karaoke Rules

OPEN TO EVERYONE ~ Contest Runs for a series of weeks ~ No entrance fee


CONTESTANTS ~ Sign up to perform (1) karaoke or (2) novelty acts at: or at the door (space permitting)


Once a contestant is GONG’d, they are out for the rest of the night, but may return each week. UNLESS, of course, they are SAVED. Then they are back into contention and may sing again that night (time permitting). It all depends on the size of the audience. 

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audience participation

GONG Tokens ~ Members of the audience may purchase 1 GONG token for $5 or 3 for $10 at anytime during the show. 

SAVE Tokens ~ They may also buy a SAVE for $5 dollars to undo a GONG and save a contestant.

EACH WEEK ~ There will be various games and prizes throughout the night for all in attendance.

Token Proceeds go into the Grand Prize Pot.

...  how to advance to the finals


runners up

WINNER & RUNNERS-UP ~ One (1) winner is named each week and will receive a boobie prize & may receive a Runway Gift Card. Runners-up may return each week.


WINNERS will be determined by audience applause so bring your fans!

FINALS ~ The final week of each tournament, the winners from the previous weeks will compete for the Grand Prize. Guest judges will be brought in to vote for a champion. 

GRAND PRIZE ~ The Grand Prize for each tournament is a minimum of $200 cash prize and the opportunity to be a guest star in a future cabaret show at Runway. 




Gong Show Karaoke Entertainment Rules

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